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An attempt has been made to bring the profound teachings of the great mystics of the world, as it is, in its raw uncensored format.  The words of the mystics have always been mystical, often misunderstood or not understood at all by the common man for their words and actions transcend all dualities of human life.

This site projects all about the lives and teachings of these great Enlightened Beings who once walked the earth or are still in their physical body. Understanding that they are beyond physical perceptions and are Immortal Ones, who are always in their subtle form, an attempt has been made to bring forth an emotion of subtle connection with them, which may help the seeker on their journey.

The site does not believe in diversity or boundaries of any kind nor of any narrowed line of thought or belief, for the Mystics have themselves been free of caste, creed, race, religion, and other diversities that separates the Jiva from the Oneness, which is the Supreme Truth of life and is where the seeker is ultimately headed to.

Kindly share the beautiful insights offered here on this site for the larger benefit of the masses.

Divine Love and Light


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