The Yogi who Lived for 723 years - Sree Siva Prabhakar

Rare known feats of our great Yogis - the greatest one is the mastery over death. When man clings on dearly to his or her life, hoping to extend it as much as possible through whatever possible means, on the other end,

Yogis attain complete mastery over their bodies by not just learning how to leave the body at will but also to extend it to whatever age they wish to or to even leave one body and enter the other at will - all only for one selfless reason - to serve humanity.

Bramhananda Sree Siva Prabhakar is one of such rare Siddhas, who continued existing on planet earth for 723 years by incarnating himself for 17 times!

Siddha Swami Brahmananda Prabhakar is also strangely referred to the Siddha tradition of tone of the great 18 Siddhas of South India - Siddha Pambatti. i do not have complete details of how exactly nor is there any data on the internet. However, i saw Siddha Pambatti's image painted on a building near the Jeeva Samadhi of Sree Prabhakar ji

Swami Siva Prabhakar hardly socialized with people.  He rather remained aloof and erratic and very indifferent to people or circumstances around him. He even hardly spoke to anyone. 
He is well known throughout the state of Kerala and many who have been blessed to witness his miracles. Though he was much around in Kerala, he also is known to have lived in many places in North and South India over many centuries, changing bodies with his master over the boon of Parakaya Pravesh (power of exiting and entering into another body at will). Many witnesses exclaimed have even witnessed him flying, while others claimed of witnessing him becoming invisible. Multiple people shared of seeing him levitating in the air in the yogic posture of padmasana. Few spotted him bathing in boiling water, while others saw him with poisonous snakes, while few witnessed him moving immovable objects.

Few witnessed him change metals to gold while others knew of his ability to read their thoughts. He also used to predict the future as people mentioned. One of his most precious miracle was his dissolution into light in front of a gathering on the astrological day of his birth, which was published in the leading dailies of Kerala - "Mathrubhumi Manorama" and "Malaala".

He took his mahasamadhi in the year 1986. He is even known to have again appeared to his chosen disciples and given them the sacred knowledge, proving that Siddhas like him surpass all laws of space, time and death. Many claim him to be an avatar of Lord Shiva, many say the great Pulinayaka Swamiyar (according to mythology, Pulinayaka Swamiyar had returned to Kailash with Lord Ayyappa), while some sources mention that he is incarnation of the son of the Surya (Sun God) Red Qarnah and some mention him to be an embodiment of Lord Dattatreya.

It is believed that his first avatar was in a place called Oachira in Kerala.

His fingers were almost always found to be in the Chinmudra. He often used a cane. It is believed that Sree Siva Prabhakar ji was born in Akavoor Mana in 1263. When he was 9 years of age, Lord Shiva disguised as Goswami took him to a cave in Himalayas, where he was taught Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, etc by Goswami ji, who later merged in Sree Prabhakar.  After intense practice in the Himlayas, he achieved all the realizations of Yoga and Meditation. He had lived for 30 years with Nathakuzhiyil Janardhan Nair, who had been his 'manas putra' and accomplice in the previous birth. 

Since his birth then, he lived for a total of 723 years in different bodies and different names, until this last incarnation as Sree Siva Prabhakar. He knew the formula of the medicinal preparation of 'Kalpam' which could make the human body strong and indestructible. The great Master even today is known to be available to those who call upon him for he works to lead humanity towards the highest goal of self-realization.

How he was found in this incarnation: During the period of the second world war in 1942, the fishermen were fishing in the sea waters of Ernakulam in Kerala while they found a huge lump of something from the deep waters caught up in their fishing net along with the fishes. When they cleared off all the algae, shells and fishes, it looked to them as what seemed like polished black wood. They soon discovered that it was a human body that was strong and in proper shape. The lower part of the body was covered with a loincloth and a country towel. The hair on the head was raised and tied that looked like a Shiva Linga. (Jeda) in the head, tide to upper like Shiva Linga. They found that he was alive! The people and the police soon concluded that he was a Japanese Spy, involved in some activity during the World War.  They soon locked him up at Mattancherry Police Station in Eranakulam, Kerala. The Police then began using brutality on him to make him confess the truth, but they could not get anything out of him. Finally, tired, the Police Inspector went home to have his lunch, but to his utter shock he found the man in lockup walking right behind him. The authorities were completely in a dilemma. They then began asking him if he knew anyone in Kerala, to which the man took the name of one Shri. C.P. Ramaswami Iyer from Travancore. The authorities immediately got in touch with Shri. C.P. Ramaswami Iyer, who was found to be the Travancore Divan (the position of Chief Minister to the Royal King during those days). The Divan recognized him and immediately arranged him to be escorted to Trivandrum and sought his pardon. He is told to have mentioned that he was in deep samadhi under the sea for about 50 years until the fishing nets had caught him. This made headlines in the prominent Malayalam Newspapers - Pouradhwani and Mathrubhumi.

The Mahasamadhi
On April 6, 1986, exactly on the fall of his birthstar, he attained Mahasamadhi on the Pullipara Hill in Omalloor, Kerala.



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